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Heated Aircraft De-icing IBC MHT 1.000


The MHT 1.000 is a simple-to-operate ground deicing unit for aircrafts with MTOW up to 50.000 lb.

Prices starting from 14500 euro.

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MHT 1.000 De-icing unit for airport

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The MHT 1.000 is a simple-to-operate ground deicing unit for smaller aircrafts with MTOW up to 20.000 lb. Airports or operators with no deicing units available can use this small but efficient unit.

MHT 1.000 can be transported on a pick-up truck, small truck or cart and can be used with Type I, Type II or TKS deicing fluids to remove efficiently rime, frost, ice or snow from wings, tail and fuselage.

The MHT 1.000 is delivered with a Honda driven pump connected to a positive displacement pump, specified for heated glycol based de-icing fluids.
The Unit does not need special power supplies and operates independent from the truck.

 Technical Specification Aircraft De-icing Unit MHT 1.000

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Brand Aero-Sense
Packaging 1 pc
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