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Goodrich ICEX II


ICEX II helps prevent ice from forming and sticking to your deicers. Unprotected deicers can lead to corrosion and damage.

Goodrich ICEX II spray


ICEX II coating boosts your de-icer performance so you fly with greater confidence. ICEX II coating helps your de-icers shed ice at peak efficiency. ICEX coating chemically bonds with rubber de-icer surfaces and forms a slick film that makes de-icers slippery which lowers the adhesive bond between ice and de-icer. Your de-icers break the frigid grip of ice better and faster! ICEX II coating is easy to apply. A single application provides 50 flight hours of added ice fighting protection on leading edge de-icers and 15 flight hours of protection on prop de-icers. One packaging is enough to treat a complete single or twin-engine aircraft.

ICEX II fluid is a form of preventative maintenance for your aircraft. Reduce the wear and tear caused by harsh winters. This silicone-based adhesion inhibitor will enhance the performance of your aircraft.

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Brand Goodrich
Packaging 0,475 liter
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